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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Always watching you

So if you have'nt noticed liberty just has those beautiful eyes that just make you love her they SHOULD NOT SCARE YOU!You can stare in amazement but not BE SCARED!
Power to the puppys .com is not responsable for any loveable feeling for her.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lIBERTY the inside story

You've heard about liberty being good but what about her wild side.Our idea of isolation is the bathroom like in the picture above. You see the sink the rug what outher evidence that its the bathroom.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ONE napaholic

I keep thinking what can i do but write about the lovable furball liberty well during the day she is as wild as a roadrunner or somthing like that but at night shes the tired napahaolic you don not know about i mean just look at her eyes im mean they are half closed.This is a sleeping poseas you may call it.
okey so here is a picture of liberty i took this picture today so i wondered what could i write about her not cooking her , not giving her caviar so i started thinking that she looks like she belongs on king henry the VIII th's lap im just saying because that dog she is *POWERFUL*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O what to do O what to do

SO HERES MY DOG LIBERTY. You will be hearing from her alot in my blog she is mostly a GOOD dog like in the picture its an old picture she has grown this was like sometime last year. Well here is a story about here like one day i cut my leg or something so next thing you know my dog liberty walks in she had bandaids in her mouth that was kind of freaky